1. In the black chocolate coating around 50 ° C to melt and cooling to 31 ° C. In the white chocolate coating to cool to 28 º C and milk chocolate to cool to 29 º C. Do not exceed coverage 50 ° C temperature for the molten chocolate. 

2. Never to warm the chocolate directly with fire. Putting the recipient in hot water bath (there are special cookers constant temperature). Do not cover the recipient because it condenses the moisture and then it will be a thick and lumpy batter. 

3. Another option is to use the microwave, but we must be very careful to prevent burning. Set the microwave on defrost position and stopping every 30 seconds and remove it. Controlling the time (depending on the quantity of chocolate).

4. Keep the chocolate always in a fresh, dry and odor free place. The worst enemy of chocolate is moisture.

5. In the summer, with high temperatures, it is possible that hazelnuts cream release some vegetable oil, it is not a problem, proceed to remove and return to its normal state.

6. If you want to make chocolate molds figures, they should be about 32 º (temperate). However if the figures are land cover molds must be cold (2 ° to -2 °).


-Ingredients: 1 liter of liquid cream, 70 grams of sugar and 400 grams. chocolate.


1 - mount the cream: it must be very cold. If you use a robot, put it at a moderate speed, otherwise it might break. Add sugar when the cream is almost mounted slowly. Let it rest and take the room temperature.

2 - Prepare the chocolate: the chocolate will melt the water bath (you should never give direct fire, as we would stick to the container) moving all the time and not letting water in the chocolate. When the chocolate is fully liquid, put out the power.

3 - Add the chocolate: When the cream is not cold, pour in slowly and stirring constantly the chocolate cream (chocolate must fall as a thin and steady stream). When well blended, and truffle is ready for use.